New forum category for Antipodean Pangeo?

G’day! A group of us based in Australia (@dougiesquire @DamienIrving @Thomas_Moore) are interested in starting up semi-regular Pangeo meetings at an Antipodean (Australian/New Zealand) friendly time zone.

Question for the Pangeo forum managers (@rabernat and others?): would it be possible/make sense for us to get a category tag on this discourse forum to announce our upcoming meetings/events and post Antipodean-related content?


Sure! What name would you like for this category?

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Thanks @rabernat! Perhaps “AU/NZ”?

I’m thinking “Oceania”! (says the oceanographer) :angel:
Thanks @rabernat


@rabernat - we’ve settled on “Pangeo Oceania”. Not to add to your list of todo’s but if we could get a Pangeo Oceania category setup (or the permissions to do so) that would be fabulous.

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Great! Your category is Oceania - Pangeo

Unfortunately our account doesn’t allow us to add more admins without upgrading and paying a lot more. But hopefully you can do what you need from “user space”. If this becomes an issue we can revisit it.

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