June 9, 2021: Streamline Data Science projects with Ploomber


Pangeo Showcase talk by Eduardo Blancas Reyes, Ploomber


Eduardo is interested in developing tools to deliver reliable Machine Learning models. Towards that end, he is developing Ploomber, an open-source Python framework first introduced at JupyterCon 2020. Eduardo holds an M.S in Data Science from Columbia University, where he took part in Computational Neuroscience research. He started his Data Science career in 2015 at the Center for Data Science and Public Policy at The University of Chicago.


Jupyter has become the norm for data exploration because it provides an interactive environment that facilitates data understanding. However, whenever users want to move from Jupyter to a distributed environment, they have to refactor and configure their code to run. Ploomber closes the gap between interactive and distributed workflows by allowing a seamless transition between the two. More information about Ploomer can be found here.