Introducing Xee

Hey Pangeo Community!

Today is my 31st birthday. The big birthday gift I’m giving to myself is the release of a project I’ve been working on for some time: Xee.

Xee is an Xarray extension for Google Earth Engine. My hope is that this better connects Earth Engine – it’s platform and vast data catalog – with the larger scientific Python ecosystem.

Xee is still in its early phase of development. I would love feedback from folks in this community. I do have some initial plans for improvement (Issues · google/Xee · GitHub). However, I would love for the project to be decently influenced by this cohort.

Have a great day,


Happy Birthday, Alex! :tada:

This is a pretty helpful resource @alxmrs . Is it a Google project? I was reading the and it seems that has some relationship…

This is so cool Alex and happy belated birthday!!!