Install extension for user

Hi, just wonder if there is a easy way to link " jupyter labextension install“ to user, just like the --user option when we install package(mentioned in Suggestions for additional modules)? Thanks! @dhruvbalwada @TomAugspurger

I’m not sure. JupyterLab does have the concept of the “app-dir” where it looks for extensions.

(notebook) jovyan@jupyter-tomaugspurger:~$ jupyter lab paths
[LabPathApp] WARNING | Config option `kernel_spec_manager_class` not recognized by `LabPathApp`.
Application directory:   /srv/conda/envs/notebook/share/jupyter/lab
User Settings directory: /home/jovyan/.jupyter/lab/user-settings
Workspaces directory: /home/jovyan/.jupyter/lab/workspaces

Note that the Application directory points to /srv/conda, so it’s outside of your home directory and changes there are lost each session.

If there were a way to add additional paths there, to something in your home directory, then they should persist across settings. You might try asking on the Jupyter discourse.