Icepyx-not able to login in earthdata

I understand there are some change for accessing earthdata using icepyx,
I tried using earthaccess: earthaccess.login(). I can login but I am not able to download the Icesat-2 files.
Is there something I missed out or not understanding.
Thank you.

I think you don’t need to call that function anymore, something like this should work using the latest version.

import icepyx as ipx

roi = ipx.Query(short_name, **kwargs)
# subset or not and then order the granules

Thank you, looks like I still cannot download, maybe I will update the icepyx and check.

Hello @mansi! Were you able to download data? If not, if you would please share the version of icepyx you are using (ipx.__version__) and all the lines of code you are running we can help troubleshoot.