Environmental/Climate Data and Visualization Analyst

Hi All! I wanted to share an opportunity that might be relevant to this community


Here are some of the desired skills/qualifications:

  • Data Analytics

    • Experience with spatial and time series data, especially weather and geospatial datasets

    • Experience with one or more of the following: working on data in a high-performance computing cluster environment; parallel processing techniques, e.g., pipeline- and multi-processing and atomic operations

    • Knowledge of statistical packages

    • Experience handling geo-registered raster datasets and volumetric datasets; expertise in handling heterogeneous data from multi-platform (ground-based, airborne, balloon-borne, ship-borne, satellite-borne, etc.) datasets from different formats; experience with demographic and health data and fusing in a consistent spatially registered representation

    • Experience with cloud-native data formats and access methods such as zarr, h5pyd, OPeNDAP

  • Visualization

    • Expertise and experience working with data science and visualization libraries like D3, xarray, geopandas, matplotlib, widgyts, etc.

    • Experience working with ArcGIS or cyber-GIS

    • Experience developing dynamic dashboards for climate and social data