Deploying Pangeo with GitLab K8s tools

I’m part of an open data/open source project called PUDL wrangling and publishing US energy data for use by activists, researchers, journalists, etc. One of our goals for the next few months is to make it available on a Pangeo-like platform – where folks can launch their own Jupyter notebook repositories on a BinderHub that makes all the data we’ve gathered available w/o them needing to download or process it.

We’re thinking of migrating the project from Github to GitLab to take advantage of their integrated project management tools (trying to get Github issues and Jira working together smoothly has been… kind of awful), and GitLab also has built in tools for deploying to Kubernetes from their repositories to GCP resources. We haven’t yet dipped our toes into any of the cloud computing / infrastructure stuff and it still seems intimidating.

Has anyone gone through the Pangeo setup process using GitLab? Does it make things simpler? I’ve searched around a bit but haven’t found any write-ups.

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Hi @zaneselvans! Thanks a lot for your post! We really appreciate your participation in this new forum.

The lack of response probably means that the answer to your question is no: no one has yet tried setting up Pangeo using GitLab. However, we would love to hear about your experience and help you solve any issues that might arise.