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Hello all!

I am finishing up my last semester of my undergrad Meteorology degree this fall. One of the classes I’m taking is a research class. I spend the semester researching a topic, write a paper, and then present my research at the end of the semester. I haven’t decided on a topic yet. I would like to pick a topic where I could turn the Python workflow into a Cookbook to contribute.

Any suggestions on a research topic that could be a good Cookbook? Or Cookbook ideas in general? My interests are Tropical Meteorology and Climatology, but I’m open to anything.

Appreciate any input!



Some random ideas:

  • computing hurricane climatology
  • calculating climate oscillations indices (e.g. Nino 3.4, NAO, AAO etc)
  • tropical cyclone forecasting
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Thank you so much for the suggestions!

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Thanks for your interest!! Given that we’re approaching the climatological peak for Atlantic basin tropical cyclones, it would be a great opportunity for someone (you?) to put together a TC cookbook. It would also be cool to include a notebook or two that uses the Tropycal package, which was recently updated.


Hi Erin,

We’re excited that you are aiming to turn your term project into a Cookbook! It fits in well with our mission to build up the collection of “science-motivated” Cookbooks, as opposed to “tool-motivated”. Really any research topic you work on could provide good Cookbook material as long as it is making use of some open-access data.

I like Kevin’s suggestion of starting a TC Cookbook, which I imagine could attract a lot of attention and eventual co-authors that bring multiple perspectives and datasets, in the same way that the Radar Cookbook has grown. But I’ll encourage you to think first of the scientific questions you want to study, and let the notebooks follow from that!

Keep us updated

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Thank you both for the reply! I’ve never heard of the Tropycal package before. It looks awesome! I think exploring that package will help me narrow down what scientific questions I actually want to study.

I’ll definitely keep y’all updated. Thanks again for responding!