Climate model infrastructure position available: DevOps, Databases, spack and much more

There is a Research Software Engineer position available in the Model Release Team at ACCESS-NRI.

ACCESS-NRI is a relatively new federally funded centre hosted at the Australian National University, and we’re tasked with providing infrastructure for the Australian climate and weather research community.

I’m the team lead of Model Release, and we’re doing some awesome work to provide well tested, built and deployed models for the research community to use. We aim to improve productivity for researchers so they can get on with their incredibly important work, including teasing out the implications of climate change.

We’re after someone to join the team who has skills or interests in some or all of:

  • CI/CD
  • Databases
  • Full stack web dev
  • Software development
  • Containerisation
  • Python
  • Software building and deployment (we’re using spack)

Check us out on GitHub

And get in contact if you’ve got any questions or are interested in joining
us (contact details are in the job advertisement).

Note: This is an Australian based position. Remote work is a possibility, but Australia only I’m afraid. We are not permitted to sponsor visas, so Australian work rights are a requirement.

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