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The place to ask and/or give career advice for geosciences. Not Limited to discussions on career advice in academia, industry or non-profit.

Thank you for setting up this category. I have a PhD in Mathematics. I studied the behavior of iterations of rational functions using combinatorial methods in order to better understand fractals.

I have been working as a statistician/data scientist and a data science model risk manager, using my coding and mathematics background, over the past 7 years in Banking. Most recently, I have been working as a statistician/data scientist in the field of Credit Risk.

I have always been interested in Meteorology, and, in particular, understanding the causes of and behavior of Tornadoes. To this end, I have recently taken up studying the basics of Atmospheric Sciences and Fluid Dynamics in my free time. I have also been searching for specific models related to my interests in Tornadoes. I would be interested in being a statistician/data scientist contributing to the prediction and tracking of severe storms; however, I’m open to other avenues of prediction and tracking.
Do you have any advice as to how I can use my experience to switch fields within the next few years?