2020 NCAR SEA Improving Scientific Software Conference

Reposting of email from Davide Del Vento (NCAR Software Engineering Assembly Chair):

The 2020 annual SEA’s Improving Scientific Software conference will
take place in Boulder, CO at the NCAR Center Green Campus from the
afternoon of Monday April 27th to Friday May 1st.

We are soliciting talks, tutorials and papers on Improving Scientific
Software related to any of the following:

  • Influence of computer architecture on scientific software design
  • Modern tools for:
    • Data Analysis, Processing and Visualization
    • Scientific Workflows: Purpose and Product Review.
  • Machine learning for Scientific Computing
  • Containers in scientific software
  • Leveraging Cloud Computing Resources for HPC Development and Operations

Please see https://sea.ucar.edu/conference/2020 for further details
and submit your talks, tutorials and papers!

Davide Del Vento,
SEA Chair http://sea.ucar.edu/