Zarr on other S3-compatible storage (e.g. DigitalOcean)?


I previously used AWS S3 to store and use Xarray+Zarr, but was wondering if this should also work on other S3 compatible platforms. I use DigitalOcean for some of my work so would like to use their object storage if possible but it seems like all example cases that I can find are either GCS or AWS. Would be great to know if anyone has experience with using other S3-compatible platforms.


Yes, s3fs has been used with alibaba and on-prem S3 implementations like minio, You need to specify client_kwargs={endpoint_url:" "}; you would pass this to the file-system constructor right now, but soon you’ll be able to pass it it directly to the xarray open_dataset function.

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That’s great to know, thanks for the information. I will give that a try.


Just wanted to follow up to say it worked great - thanks for the help @martindurant!