Xroms: Migrating metrics to derived variables

  1. I have a dataset from an ocean model (ROMS).
  2. I use resample to compute daily-averaged values of some variable.
  3. I am trying to use xroms.ddxi to get the x-derivative of the daily-averaged variable with the code below (The variable utemp_daily is the daily-averaged variable and utemp is the original variable.):
  1. I get the error message: Unable to find any combinations of metrics for array dims {'xi_u', 'eta_rho', 's_w'} and axes ('Z',)"

I confirmed the daily-averaged variable does have a grid attribute.

Is there a way to seamless pass along the metrics to derived variables?

Here is the output of cf.describe() :

Hi @saatvik!

Can you provide more code to see what steps you are going through for this? It would be best if I could even run the code you provide by making it a bit more generic. I’m assuming you read in your dataset with xroms itself?

Also in the future it’d be better to post this on the xroms github repository itself than here: Issues · xoceanmodel/xroms · GitHub

Thanks for the suggestion. I just created a thread on the xroms github page.

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