What's Next - Software

On 2023-12-06 several folks met and discussed "What’s next for Pangeo” organized by @TomNicholas . This article collects links to other sub-topics below. I propose that people engage asynchronously on those topics for a bit, and based on the activity we decide what to discuss synchronously.

Sub-topics include:

Pinging individuals who expressed interest in this topic: @jack_kelly @maxrjones @norlandrhagen @weiji14 @kafitzgerald @TomAugspurger @jbednar @Michael_Sumner @Thomas_Moore (or at least the nine people that Discourse will let me ping (I’ll reach out to James Bourbeau and Deepak Cherian and Justus Magin and Andrew Huang Separately)


You’re doing god’s work here Matt! I will try to go through what you’ve posted across the various threads.

(@dcherian @jrbourbeau @keewis @ahuang11)

Apparently God is community organizer.


For completeness, someone also brought up the need for better software to handle regridding, but I think just mentioning that is enough because there were no volunteers to actually dive in and attack that in a concerted way. :slight_smile:


I’m definitely interested in helping to speed up regridding (because that’s a bottleneck for us, too). But I probably won’t get round to doing anything useful on this topic for at least a year! Maybe longer…

The regridding bullet point was an attempt to nerd-snipe someone(s) into fleshing out the prototype that Ryan showed is possible (here Conservative Region Aggregation with Xarray, Geopandas and Sparse).

@keewis also said

(I have something like this working in https://github.com/IAOCEA/xarray-healpy, where the name is not that descriptive… it really is just general regridding using a tree and numba to do bilinear interpolation)

IMO this would be a great project for an institution to take ownership of - it requires sustained effort to flesh out, but would certainly be extremely widely used. But anyone interested in that should probably go to the thread linked above.