Webinar TOMORROW - Globally Distributed, Cloud-Optimized Scientific Data

Hi Folks! We forgot to post this until the day before, but here it is:

Registration link

Register :point_up_2: for our webinar on June 18th, co-hosted with Tigris Data, presented by @rabernat and Garren Smith.

We will discuss the integration between Arraylake and Tigris, a globally distributed S3-compatible object storage service. The benefit of Tigris for Arraylake users is the ability to make data available anywhere in the world without paying egress fees to a cloud provider. This enables organizations to provide data to diverse global audiences and to take their data to the most cost-effective compute provider, including AI-specialized GPU data centers. We will conclude with a vision for how this architecture could provide the foundation for a globally distributed shared body of AI-ready, cloud-optimized scientific data.