Tools for reading llc4320 regional files

Hi all,

I am trying to load regional llc4320 files (on Pleiades, or locally after downloading from the ECCO data portal). I’m relatively new to python, so forgive me if these are silly questions, but:

  • can xmitgcm be used to read regional files? The files are binary but don’t seem to be in MDS format (or at least, there are no .data and .meta files)

  • if so, can anyone point me to an example of code that does so? I couldn’t find anything in the xmitgcm documentation

  • and if not, can anyone point me to code/ packages/ examples of python code to read regional llc4320 files?

Many thanks!


Hi Kyla! :wave:

No, xmitgcm cannot read those files right now. However, it is not out of scope for xmitgcm. Someone just has to implement this feature. And in fact, it would be much easier than the global files, since the regional files are smaller and simpler. I would strongly encourage you to re-post this question directly on the xmitgcm issue tracker. It may be relatively easy to do.

I am personally not aware of any example code to read the regional files. But again you’re likely to get better visibility on this question on the xmitgcm github page, which is really specifically focused on MITgcm data, rather than this forum.

Despite the fact that I am recommending that you ask your question elsewhere, I nevertheless welcome you to the Pangeo forum! :wink: It’s always great to see a collaborator around here.

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Hi Ryan, thanks for your response! I will follow up on the xmitgcm github page.

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Issue for reference