The Buckaroo data table viewer now works with GeoPandas

What is Buckaroo:

Buckaroo is a modern data table viewer for Jupyter notebooks, tailored for exploratory data analysis tasks, which provides useful, sensible views and hooks for everyday data analysis.
In addition to standard table viewing features, Buckaroo comes with existing built-in analysis that is extensible by users. This works on Pandas, Polars, and now GeoPandas!

Try it with
pip install buckaroo
import buckaroo

My ask for the GeoViz community:
To better integrate GeoPandas with Buckaroo, please have a look and share your feedback. I’m particularly interested in learning more about how a data table can enhance your GeoViz workflow. Share your thoughts, requests, and bugs

More details about Buckaroo:
Buckaroo features

  • sorting
  • a wide variety of value formatters and displayers (SVG-Geo, histograms…)
  • smart down sampling to give context while preserving performance
  • summary stats that are trivially extensible

As of version 0.6.11, Buckaroo supports GeoPandas GeoDataFrames. For a starter, besides the many features already available for numeric/text/categorical datatypes, the support for GeoPandas geometry datatype includes a “svg-geo” column for easy view of geometries.

Thanks to Carlos Brandt for asking me about GeoPandas support, and suggesting this community.


To have Buckaroo supporting GeoPandas is a big help for both inspecting the spatial features at the same time one analysis their attributes.
AFAIK, Buckaroo is the only high-level table viewer supporting Geo data.

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