STAC -> Xarray Loading Best Practices

Hi All! I’m in the process of creating a workflow that loads representations of data stacks from a set of STAC items into an Xarray dataset. I see that both the stackstac and odc-stac python packages are used by members of the community to perform this task.

Do you all have any thoughts on the advantages/disadvantages of these packages, and on which I should use? Thanks!

There’s some discussion at (thought parts will be outdated now).

Thanks @TomAugspurger this is really helpful! Sounds like stackstac has some useful features that odc-stac hasn’t adopted yet (namely STAC item property loading). However there’s no guarantee of long-term support of stackstac so it may be safer to use odc-stac for long-lived projects.

that odc-stac hasn’t adopted yet (namely STAC item property loading).

This is somewhat more complicated to achieve in odc-stac, that’s because we potentially combine multiple items into the same raster, and so you end up with fewer elements for dimension 0 than the number of items supplied. But we should support that feature when no item grouping is done, and even for grouped case we can expose stac properties via extra variable, something like .stac_metadata.