Senior Software Engineer at Spire (Weather)

Hi All, I am the Engineering Manager for the Weather Products Engineering team at Spire. We are looking for two mid/sr engineers to join our team. We are heavy believers in Pangeo and Open Source, we have a blast working with large multidimensional datasets.

Here is a list of the tech we use on a daily basis: Prefect, Dask, Xarray, Iris, iris-grib, Zarr, STAC, FastAPI, AWS (EKS, S3, DynamoDB, DocumentDB, …), Terraform.

I’m happy to answer any questions directly. Please apply via this link: Senior Software Engineer, Weather - Job opening - Spire : Global data and analytics

(We are moving to a 3-day hybrid schedule, candidates near a Spire office are preferred, office locations are on the Spire website, I am in Boulder)