Run a previous version of Dask on Pangeo Cloud?

I am no longer able to run a piece of code using the package Rechunker on Pangeo Cloud that I have been able to up until about 5 days ago. I get an AssertionError, when running rechunker.rechunk() - similar to what is reported here. I am using an old (working) version of rechunker: 0.3.3.

I am guessing that the issue arises from:

  1. The docker image update that happened recently and appears to have updated from Dask 2022.1.1 to Dask 2022.2.1.
  2. Rechunker version 0.3.3 is not compatible with Dask 2022.2.1. (See this issue)

My question: is there a way to run the previous version of Dask (2022.1.1) on Pangeo Cloud at the moment so that I can keep running my Rechunker code?

I think the image that Pangeo Cloud is using would have to be rolled back for everyone

Ok, that’s not a great option then. Thanks for your response @sgibson91!

Just chiming in quickly to say


If you want to try my fix for rechunker, please just pip install git+ (Make sure to also install it on the workers.)

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