Replace me as occasional "Intro to Python" tutor at large company [ideally in NY but negotiable]

Over the last year, I ran several weeklong “intro to python” workshops at a large consulting company. They’re based in NYC but have offices globally. The aim of these workshops is to provide new and current employees with a high-level understanding of what data science is and what tasks might be easy to solve with tools like python.

The curriculum for the course is already set, so the role of the “facilitator” consists mainly of contextualizing each day’s lesson, leading group discussion, and troubleshooting (largely conda installs and pandas syntax).

There are a few of these workshops per year, so this isn’t a full time position. It would be great for someone with a flexible schedule. (This is why I can no longer lead these workshops – I otherwise had a great time). Some teaching experience is preferred, and of course deep comfort with jupyter, pandas, scikit-learn, and numpy. Note that this position is for an independent contractor, not an employee. Compensation is highly competitive.

Please shoot a CV to me at and I’ll provide more info / get you in touch with HR person in charge of the workshops. Sorry for not being able to include more specific details in this post.

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Thanks James for sharing this exciting opportunity!

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