Recursion depth issues when using intake-esm

Hi folks,

Yet more issues for the hivemind. When using intake-esm to load numerous models to dictionary via ‘to_dataset_dict’ I’m encountering a recursion error, specifically:

RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object

From the intake-esm forums this appears to be related to models with incompatible vertical coordinates (even though I’m preprocessing prior to intake with the preprocess= modifier). My question is, how can I tell which models/variable, out of potentially dozens, is causing the recursion error, if it is indeed the cause.

Code below:

col = intake.open_esm_datastore(col_url)
col.aggregation_info[‘aggregations’][0].update({‘options’: {‘compat’: ‘override’}})

cat =[“source_id”],experiment_id=[‘ssp585’],table_id=‘Omon’,variable_id=[‘thetao’,‘so’,‘vmo’,‘dissic’],grid_label=‘gn’)

dset_dict_thetaso = cat.to_dataset_dict(zarr_kwargs={‘consolidated’: True, ‘decode_times’: True},cdf_kwargs={‘chunks’: {}, ‘decode_times’: True})

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Hi @AndMei, thanks for this question!

Since it’s a technical question, possibly a bug, about a specific software package, it would be best as a github issue:

Would you feel comfortable re-asking your same question there?

Will do! Thanks Ryan, I’ll post over there.

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