"Principal Oscillation Pattern (POP) Analysis"

Aloha Pangeo people,

I have some interest in this NCAR NCL code: Principal Oscillation Pattern (POP) Analysis

Searching the interwebs one can find a number of related references and software approaches for this and presumedly similar methods.

Is anyone in the Pangeo community already aware of a dask-ready pythonic approach to this kind of analysis that is also well documented?

Thanks for considering my question here.

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POP is a very cool method. Given the similarity to EOF analysis, I wonder if you could start from the eofs package:

eofs is definitely our go-to Pangeo-interoperable package for EOF analysis. Maybe open an issue asking if they would consider supporting POP?

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Appreciate your perspective on this @rabernat. Good advice.

You could also ask the geocat team to port it over: https://github.com/NCAR/geocat-comp

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Thanks @dcherian - was not aware of that. :eyes: :sunglasses: