Pangeo's Binder vs Binderhub's Binder

I wonder why a repo X gets build on mybinderteam’s Binder but Pangeo’s binder fails with “ValueError: Please install nodejs >=12.0.0 before continuing.” I thought they had the same pipeline config.

@betolink they pangeo binderhub tries to be compatible with, but they are not exactly the same (running different versions of jupyterhub and repo2docker for example). It’s hard to keep them exactly on the same versions, but the config for both is fully open source - GitHub - pangeo-data/pangeo-binder: Pangeo + Binder (dev repo for a binder/pangeo fusion concept) and GitHub - jupyterhub/ Deployment config files for .

If you could link to a repo with config where you encounter that error we could figure out what’s going on (or open a github issue on the pangeo-binder repository). My guess is that it’s an issue with jupyter 2.0 versus 3.0. We no longer install nodejs in our default docker images. My understanding was that it was mainly needed to build jupyterlab extensions for jupyterlab < 3 (see convo here Jupyterlab 3 · Issue #52 · conda-forge/pangeo-notebook-feedstock · GitHub).