Offshore Wind Analysis with Pangeo


At last week’s EGU General Assembly 2022 session “Meeting Exascale Computing Challenges with Compression and Pangeo”, I presented work on Irish offshore wind analysis using Earth Observation, reanalysis and in situ data, from a project funded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). We’re using a combination of Pangeo, xarray, Dask and Zarr to enable scalable wind data processing that generates power estimates for offshore renewable energy assessment. This has involved the creation of a new wind data catalog using Intake and Zarr, which features up to 21 years of available data products from various providers for the Irish Continental Shelf region.

Details of the current project outputs are available at This includes a collection of Jupyter notebooks inspired by the Pangeo gallery, describing:

  • Data retrieval and Zarr store creation
  • Area Of Interest (AOI) assessment
  • A prototype interactive wind atlas, created using HoloViz libraries

We’re hoping to release some/all of this data catalog in the coming months, possibly using Pangeo Forge.

Thanks to everyone involved in the Pangeo/Python projects, these were essential for the project implementation so far. Thanks also to the organisers for the opportunity to present the work, it was a great session.



Awesome project! Thanks for sharing.

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