October 6, 2021: Earthquakes and Moving Plates in the Cloud


Pangeo Showcase talk by Ted Habermann Metadata Game Changers


Ted created Metadata Game Changers to focus on helping organizations improve metadata for data discovery, access, and understanding. Projects include advising organizations like UNAVCO, IRIS and the U.S. Geological Survey on metadata systems and international standards, working with Dryad and CEDAR on metadata improvement and adoption of persistent identifiers, developing games to help build teams, working with publishers to improve utilization of metadata for publications, software, and datasets, and helping repositories adopt best practices for certification by Core Trust Seal. Previously he was the Director of Earth Science at The HDF Group and worked for many years to improve data management, access, interoperability and documentation at NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information.


IRIS and UNAVCO are national repositories for seismic and geodetic repositories with international communities of scientists contributing and using data to understand the dynamic earth system that have operated independently for many decades. They are currently planning a merger in the next several years and are moving data and services into the cloud as part of that process. The repositories are currently in domain specific formats (mostly miniSeed and RINEX) so this migration includes changes in format as well. XArray compliant netCDF4/HDF5 is a leading candidate for the target format with discovery and access driven by metadata in a relational database. I will present some ideas and questions for the Pangeo community to help us understand and incorporate best practices.

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