Is it possible to have nested collections in STAC API


I’m trying to build a STAC API (I’ve spent waaay to much time trying to figure out STAC FastAPI with elasticsearch but STAC-Server worked more easily on AWS.
However, I can’t figure out how to have a hierarchy of STAC Collections within the Catalog

For example:

  • Catalog
    • Colection-AOI (I need this so I can also attach other relevant info to the AOI)
      • Collection-Sensor

It does work when accessing the data as a Static Catalog (from file) with STAC Browser…

Is this even possible in STAC API?

For the most part, STAC APIs are flat at the collection level. There’s some discussion in, which I think resulted in the “browsable” STAC API extension: I’m not sure how well supported the tooling for that is.

@TomAugspurger thanks!
Both have been inactive for some time now, but I’ll have a look!