Interactive netCDF editing

Hi everyone,

I am new to the community so sorry if this information is already somewhere or I am missing something.

I am looking for a way to interactively edit bathy and topo values of a netCDF file and wondering if someone has looked into this? We are working on Paleoclimates and wanting to modify (slightly) the values in certain locations easily.

I have loaded the netCDF file and been able to visualize it using holoviews after following the tutorials (:clap: on the quality of the tutos!!).

The next steps I was looking into was creating some sort of stream between the plot and a input to paint values but being unfamiliar with the holoviews / bokeh ecosystem I am not sure this is the most appropriate solution.

Once it is working I would be more than happy to try and create a PR

So it turns out I ended up using the holoviews linked streams to give more choice when selecting which values to modify.

I’ve added a few widgets and buttons but I am unsure on how this functionality/dashboard could be added to the community

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The app has been open sourced and is somewhat usable, as always there things that can be made better, check out the documentation here: and the github here: