Fastest way to open many large zarr stores

Hi folks,

I am trying to create a CI enabled check for the Pangeo CMIP6 Cloud Data, which involves simply opening every store and checking if an error is raised (this was motivated by a user report pointing to the fact that some stores might have been corrupted or not written properly).

This is generally a pretty simple task and can be achieved by something like this:

from xmip.utils import google_cmip_col
import gcsfs
import xarray as xr

col = google_cmip_col() 
stores = col.df['zstore'].tolist() # results in a simple list of cloud zarr stores

filesystem = gcsfs.GCSFileSystem(token='anon', access='read_only')

def failcheck(store):
    mapper = filesystem.get_mapper(store)
        xr.open_dataset(mapper, engine='zarr', consolidated=True, use_cftime=True)
        return ('success', None)
    except Exception as e:
        return (store, e)

b_computed = []
for s in stores:

fails = [b for b in b_computed if b[0] != 'success']

with open('report.txt', 'a') as file:
    for fail in fails:
        file.write(f"{','.join([str(f) for f in fail])}\n")
print(f'Found {len(fails)} failed stores')

I have tested this and it works well for small amounts of stores, but my goal here is to run this on all stores we provided (> 500k single stores) and with a simple for loop this might take on the order of days. So I am curious if there is a way to speed up this process. I first tried to parallelize the process with dask by replacing

b_computed = []
for s in stores:


import dask.bag as db
b = db.from_sequence(stores, partition_size=25).map(failcheck)
b_computed = list(b)

and this gives me a nice speedup when I have many cores available (e.g. on the larger pangeo cloud hub instances), but still takes very long when I run it as a github action (which I think has 2 or 4 cores available).

I am just curious if there is a way to use async to open multiple stores concurrently similar to an http request. Has anyone had some experience with this sort of task?

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Since you’re only opening the stores, have you considered bypassing Xarray and using Zarr directly? Our team has been using this function to “validate” Zarr stores. While it may not be fast, I anticipate it will be faster than xarray.