Failling to load notebooks (Google Cloud)


I am using the cluster and since this morning I cannot load any notebook in Jupyter Lab. When I try to open a file, it returns the following error:

File Load Error for <notebook_name>.ipynb
Unhandled error

I tried to shutdown the kernels, log out, and use Chrome (instead of Firefox) but it doesn’t work.

Do you know what could be the problem? Thanks!

I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue, sadly. Can you try restarting your server? From the JupyterLab interface, select File > Hub Control Panel, and then press the red Stop My Server button. Wait a minute or so, then you should just have a blue Start My Server button to try again with.

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So, now it is working again.

However, just to let you know, I did stop and restart the server this morning a couple of times but I still could not load any notebooks after doing so.

Anyway, thank you for your answer!

Another quick follow-up, I looked at the Grafana charts for the Pangeo deployment but don’t see anything obviously problematic in there around this time. E.g., here are NFS operations in the last 6 hours (I thought this might show something weird since this was a “File Load Error” around 5:30 is the time that this thread was opened.

So I think we should keep an eye out and see if others run into this problem. If we can find a set of conditions / actions that can replicate the bug, we can try to figure out how to resolve it.

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