EGU2022 Pangeo session

Dear all,

its my pleasure to announce that a proposal for a session at EGU22 and created by the Pangeo-Europe community has been accepted (this is a preliminary result, the definitive list of accepted sessions should be announced soon):

This message is more intended as a heads up than a practical explanation of how and when; for now just stay tuned and prepare yourselfs, cause winter in Austria is comming!



Dear all, the Pangeo session for EGU22 has been now officially accepted (ESSI 2.6): CO Meeting Organizer EGU22

(CO Meeting Organizer EGU22)

The other conveners and I will probably be busy setting up a proper visual/poster like way of promoting; however in the mean time its good if the members of our community (yeah, you!) start spreading the word!

The session is a two way path where Pangeo gains more visibility as a real, modern set of tools, but also its an opportunity for you and other members or users to showcase their works, so keep calm and make it viral :smiley:

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