DevOps Engineer at Quansight

Quansight is looking for an enthusiastic and highly motivated software engineer with solid devops experience to help support Quansight growing cloud and on-prem infrastructure as well as act as a support resource for internal and client hosted systems. We are hiring at both junior and senior devops engineer levels.

As a Devops Engineer, you will be responsible for working with infrastructure deployed on AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, and in some cases on-premise. These deployments will range from cloud kubernetes deployments of jupyterhub and dask gateway to on-premise hpc clusters. At Quansight we strive to make these deployments reproducible and testable thus we use common infrastructure as code tooling like terraform, vagrant, helm, and ansible. All of our deployments revolve around data science workflows which use conda environments, jupyterhub, jupyterlab, and dask. Your work will enable teams to do computations on large datasets. Working as a devops engineer will regularly use unix skills such as file permissions, managing file systems, networking, and user management.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Welcome @rjohns and thanks for sharing this opportunity!