Data Engineer and Full Stack Engineer

Scoot Science is an ocean data analytics startup. We are a team of ocean scientists, software engineers, and agricultural economists. We’re focused on quantifying the impact of climate change and variable ocean conditions on ocean assets, particularly the coastal aquaculture industry.
We’re consolidating siloed aquaculture farm data with the surrounding meteorological and oceanographic data to give ocean farmers the best insights and forecasts of how their local ocean conditions impact their crop. We’re also leveraging that same in-situ ocean data to model the financial implications of increasingly frequent ocean perils associated with climate change (like marine heatwaves). Our goal is to use the best possible ocean modeling to reduce operational risk from traditionally overlooked and underserved ocean businesses.

We’re presently hiring for a full-time, remote, software engineers. If developing an operationally relevant ocean data platform sounds interesting to you, check us out and consider applying at

Tech Stack:
DevOps: AWS - Lambda, S3, EC2, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB
Technologies: Kubernetes, Docker, Github, Jenkins, IDEs
Programming Languages: Python, Javascript
Web Frameworks: Node, React, GraphQL
Data Engineering: RESTful APIs, Apache Airflow, Geospatial data - NetCDF, Zarr, PostGIS, GDAL, Dask
Database: PostgreSQL, Firebase, SQL
Data Science: NumPy, Pandas, GeoPandas, Xarray, Jupyter Hub/Lab, JSON, Plotly

Why Join?
Our team has doubled in size over the past year. We need more engineers to help build a completely novel ocean data management, visualization, and operational decision making tool.
You will have a huge impact on our company. We are a tight knit group that works hard and takes care of each other.
We are a team of domain experts. We have assembled a truly unique team that is passionate about the ocean and the impacts of climate change on ocean businesses. We are building the tools to help ocean businesses make REAL operational decisions.

Structure of the team:
Each member of the engineering team has a high degree of autonomy to design and implement new features. We do not employ strict sprint cycles and have space for creative development projects. We hold a weekly demo day and as needed, feature-specific collaborative coding sessions. We are always trying to improve our established software product, SeaState, as well as build out new functionality.

Technical Challenges:
We work with a wide variety of data sources and types - from in-situ ocean sensors, to manually entered farm data, to gridded model output. All of this data has geospatial and temporal significance. We need to allow our clients to inspect their ocean conditions at their farm, across neighboring farms, and around their larger regional geography. They also need to understand how their ocean conditions are changing year to year and adapt their operations as climate change accelerates.


Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum!

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Thanks Ryan! I think we just missed overlapping at SIO, but great to meet you here.

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