Clouddrift: a new python library for Lagrangian data!

Built for you: a new python library for Lagrangian data!

So, what have we got?

  • A core python library clouddrift available through conda or pip or from source. The library currently contains 6 modules including a datasets module providing remote access to selected datasets.

  • A full online documentation,

  • A selection of example notebooks demonstrating use of some of the library functions (see the project main page

  • A prominent Lagrangian dataset on AWS in multiple formats accessible in one line of code; the hourly NOAA Global Drifter Program dataset now in version 2.01 with data up to October 2022. After importing clouddrift, simply do clouddrift.datasets.gdp1h() to access lazily close to 200M estimates of position, velocity and SST from the GDP.

What’s next?

We are progressively adding more analysis functions (such as extraction of inertial oscillations from Lagrangian trajectories, coming soon!) and more example notebooks … but we would love to hear about user needs!

So please check it out, spread the word, test the library, raise issues and discussions on github, and direct to it your collaborators, students, friends, pets, etc. At this point we need to do a better job at attracting users to further build the library based on community inputs.