Climate / Weather Real-time Open Data Banks for Sustainably-Smart Event Management

Hello Pangeo Community,

I am currently in the process of writing my MA thesis regarding Sustainable Event Management and use of smart technologies for remote environmental monitoring and sustainability performance.

I have a conceptual model for a smart ICT cloud system with an integrated digital tool App for real-time Sustainable Event Evaluation.

I am researching if there is an Open Source / Open Data Bank regarding real-time global Climate / Weather which can be accessed as a data-stream for Extreme Weather Reporting for the smart ICT cloud system and integrated App’s feature to be used for data visualisation as a localised map.

If anyone has any suggestions or useful insights, please comment in this thread.

If you are interested in my MA research project - please email me directly:

Many thanks in advance for your time and insights.

Caragh King
MA Creative Events Management Student
Business & Experience Design Dept, Falmouth University

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Think I found an example of what I am looking to show as possible
Earth Systems API dataset codes and information for App development and visualisation tool for sustainable event mgmt

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