Cleaning out the pangeo-data google cloud storage bucket

Hi @charlesbluca, did you have time to do it?

Or should I upload to the same location (gs://pangeo-data/gpm_imerg) ?

Hey @davidbrochart, sorry for the late reply! I can certainly create a requester pays bucket for you.

Right now the bucket naming structure we’re going for is gs://pangeo-[organization_id]-[project_id]; how does gs://pangeo-gpm-imerg sound? Open to any suggestions from you.

Hi @charlesbluca, gs://pangeo-gpm-imerg is fine. Thanks a lot!

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It is done! Since the bucket is requester pays, if you try to access it via the storage browser you’ll have to pick a project to be billed. This process must also be done when using gsutil command; this can be done with the -u option.

Thanks @charlesbluca. Do you mean that I need to pay to read/write data?

@charlesbluca is there a Pangeo project that I can use to access the bucket?

Yes, for now using -u pangeo-181919 as an option in gsutil commands, or picking pangeo-181919 from the dropdown menu which appears when accessing requester pays buckets, should work to access any data in the bucket.