Vector data cubes

I have started the development in GitHub - martinfleis/xvec: Vector data cubes for Xarray. Everyone is welcome to join the effort. I’ll try to outline the roadmap in the following days.


I see Xoak as a package that only provides a few “basic” Xarray indexes based on tree structures (BTree, KDTree, BallTree, etc.). Those may be useful for geospatial operations but also for other purposes, i.e., I don’t think Xoak indexes should be CRS-aware.

My feelings about the Xarray geospatial ecosystem is that the parallel development of multiple projects each with their own, well-defined scope will better help growing the ecosystem (all-things-geospatial is a wide domain! vectors, rasters, etc.).

Hopefully, at some point it will be possible to bring everything together nicely. For example, provide in geoxarray a high-level, CRS-aware GeoIndex “meta-index” that would internally reuse one of the xoak, xvec, rioxarray, etc. indexes depending on the case.

This discussion seems to be continuing on github:

Xvec seems to have moved to xarray-contrib, maybe #26 is still the one?

Anyway, I see great potential, e.g. to experiment with Xvec and Xoak in the space of DGGS. Unfortunately, we still haven’t moved much. We are currently, trying to bring DGGRID onto conda-forge.

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DGGRID is on conda-forge and the lead developer is restructuring the internal API. It should become easier now to develop bindings to other languages such as Python and Julia. We would then want to explore various interop/indexing/analysis schemes with xarray, such as xoak and xvec, and then also moving between unstructured grids and dggs grids. There will be a code sprint in November at the Vienna BIDS 2023 conference. Would be great to have some Pangeo core devs there :slight_smile:

I am considering going to BIDS, this seems to be another reason to go. Not that I know what dggs grids are but I am happy to learn how Xvec can support that :).


@martinfleis Discrete Global Grid Systems (DGGS) use with Pangeo - #39 by allixender

I will be going to BiDS and am excited to hack on vector data cubes.

I will not be at BiDS due to teaching duties, but I’ll try to be available online for some sprinting.