Nominations to the Federal Geospatial Advisory Committee due Feb 22

Nominations to the Federal Geographic Advisory Committee are due Feb 22.

Here’s the current membership, which includes folks like ESRI President Jack Dangermond and Oracle’s Vice-President of Technology Siva Ravada. It would be great to get a few more open source advocates on there.

This committee advises on federal geospatial priorities, which should be important in this administration, with executive orders on climate and 30x30.


What about @Hamed_Alemohammad!? Radiant Earth is making a huge impact in this area.


Thanks Ryan, very kind of you. I am humbled to be considered, and happy to join if I get nominated and selected.

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More detail

Nominations may come from employers, associations, professional organizations, or other geospatial organizations. Nominations should include a resume providing an adequate description of the nominee’s qualifications, including information that would enable the Department of the Interior to make an informed decision regarding meeting the membership requirements of the Committee and permit DOI to contact a potential member. Nominees are strongly encouraged to include supporting letters from employers, associations, professional organizations, and/or other organizations that indicate the support by a meaningful constituency for the nominee.

I think a nomination on USGS letterhead would have the most weight. @rsignell, would you be willing to lead such an effort? I’d be happy to help with the text.

Who else could we reach out to for letters of support?

Unfortunately I can’t nominate since I’m a USGS/DOI employee. We can’t even write letters of support. Would really like to get some open source advocates on the committee though. You can self-nominate!

I do not have the bandwidth right now to lead this process. I’m on vacation next week.

I think we were just a bit too late to get this going. If there is an opportunity again next year, perhaps we can plan ahead better.